Muir pta programs

Class Gardens 

It is so rewarding to watch the children plant a seed, watch it grow, and eventually dig out a carrot they can munch on! They try new foods, they see the vital connection between land and table, they gain an awareness of and appreciation for the natural world. Muir PTA strives to give every class a garden box to grow their connection to the environment and sustainability. Campus Beautification Days are also a way we come together to foster our campus and relationships!

Walk & Rollers 

Muir has a high number of students that walk and ride to school. To increase safety for those students and options for others Muir PTA is excited to bring the Walk & Rollers program to our school for the 2020/2021 school year. Organization of routes, meet spots and safety plans will begin over the summer. Email:

Student led

Book clubs

Once a year each grade at SMASH and Muir have the opportunity to join together for a student led book club. For six weeks parent volunteers facilitate an hour after school to create a space for kids to lead their own reading review and discussion. The students are given structured time to reflect on what they take away from their readings together. Reading material is supplied and this space is only possible with parent volunteers. 


With a focus on mindfulness Muir hosts Yoga Mornings at Muir during the school year! Sessions are every Wednesday before school at 7:50 Cafeteria. We are so excited to be able to share some yoga poses, breathing tips and mindfulness practices with our John Muir community. We encourage students to focus on breakfast as they can join any time before the bells rings. Parents and family are invited to join and we encourage using this techniques at home!

Recess Art 

Every other Wednesday our wonderful parent volunteers coordinate tables of arts and crafts for our students to enjoy during lunch recess. Students get to use this time and supplies to create freely! Guided activities can be provided for students that crave structure, but this activity is an extra outlet for all students to explore.

Muir PTA Programs in Action

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