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Muir/SMASH Community Meeting

Muir PTA and SMASH PTSA are hosting a Community Meeting on campus with Superintendent Dr. Drati at 5:00 PM Tuesday, 5/24. This meeting is in regards to the recent Building Investigation results.

-You can read the full 'Building Envelope Investigation Findings Report' in English here, Spanish translation is available via Google Translate.

-This meeting is for families and staff to make public comment speaking on your family perspective of impact and priorities to be considered moving forward in creating options.

-This meeting will be facilitated by PTA parents with the objective of creating constructive, scheduled speaking time for our voices to be heard by each other, Dr. Drati and SMMUSD.

-The objective of these public comments is to help organize the options SMMUSD is creating to move forward.

-This will not be an open forum or discussion floor.

-Each comment will be given a timed slot. Please view meeting guidelines and register to make a comment by using this form.

-This meeting will include an update on the School Board meeting support, full Air Sample lab results, and updates but this is NOT a facility meeting. Facility discussion will not be scheduled on the agenda.

-Please view the agenda below.

Thank you Principal Lytz for the support to make this meeting happen.

MuirSMASH, 524, 500 PM Community Meeting Agenda-2
Download PDF • 80KB

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