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Muir School Site Council Needs Representatives!

-What is the School Site Council? The Site Council is a group of Muir parents and Muir school staff that are elected to two-year terms to represent the school. The Site Council is responsible for setting the achievement goals, writing and monitoring Muir’s annual Site Plan for Student Achievement, and developing the budget for some of Muir's funding. -Who can be a member of the Site Council? Anyone who is: a) A parent of a student and not an employee of the school b) Committed to attending monthly meetings (must attend ALL meetings) c) Interested in learning more about school programs, budgets, and student achievement d) Willing to provide input and work cooperatively with school staff and other parent reps Site Council works best when it is representative of all the parents in the Muir community! -When are the meetings? Meetings are generally the third Wednesday of most months at 3:00PM. All meetings are open to the public—all members of our community are invited to participate.

-Teacher Representatives: Amy Prevett (year 2), Melissa Trubo (year 2), Nancy Navarro (year 2), Paula Lytz (Principal) *1 open Teacher Position* -Parent Representatives: Aimee Koeplin (year 2), Diana Maruri (year 2), Randi Goodman (year 2) *2 Open Parent Positions* -What do I do if I am interested in running for Parent Representative? Click here to fill out the nomination form!

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