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Muir Facility, Written Feedback

Muir PTA has worked this week to unify with SMASH PTSA to advocate for our families and staff voices to be heard in response to the campus building investigation findings resulting in the need for campus evacuation for serious construction.

Letter of Support and Written Feedback:

-Muir PTA and SMASH PTSA will be submitting a joined letter in the support of staff and family voices being top priority in planning for options to the School Board, SMMUSD and Community Associations.

-PTA has created a form for Muir and SMASH Staff + Families to submit written feedback to the SMMUSD School Board, District and Community. This feedback should be your perspective of the impact this news has on your family, and your priorities in options moving forward.

-Please view more details and submit your responses by clicking here.

-The responses will be complied, and attached with the letter of support to be shared directly with the School Board, SMMUSD and Community Associations.

-Please submit responses by Tuesday, 5/24.

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