Muir 2022 Building Investigation News


This has been a heavy week for so many reasons, and a heavy week with news on our campus. We see and feel that as your school community. We are holding space for this time, SMMUSD Mental Health resources are available to utilizehere.

On a Muir level, we are using this communication space to clarify news this week. We have also worked to ensure there are actionable steps available for Muir families and staff, please view additional blog posts to submit written feedback and attend on campus community meeting.

News: SMMUSD received a 'Building Envelope Investigation Findings Report' for our campus last Friday that you can view in full here (English, Spanish Translation only available via Google Translate).

As per Dr. Drati's Superintendent Message this week, this report found "deteriorating condition of buildings on campus" with structures reported to be in poor to moderately poor condition. The issues found will need "extensive renovation..This will require students to be relocated while the work is being accomplished. The complete process will take at least two years."

The findings included presence of mold and termites. Air sampling done the past weekend had preliminary findings of air quality levels on campus and in classrooms at acceptable level for students and staff to occupy, except for Classroom 415 on SMASH campus that was relocated immediately. The complete Air Sampling lab report later this week and will share when available.

Dr. Drati stated that SMMUSD is "working on several options for construction and relocation of students and will solidify a plan for prior to the close of this school year."

You can find the original Superintendent's Message that was sent from Dr. Drati here.

This is is a lot to process. Please take time for emotional space. We're all here together, and we will continue to keep you updated.

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