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2/2/2022, Muir PTA Meeting - Reunión de la PTA

Hello families!

Join your Muir PTA today for Muir news, advocating needs, event possibilities and volunteer opportunities. Muir's CREST Director, Luis Acosta, will start our meeting to answer any questions on CREST at Muir.

MUIR PTA NEEDS YOU! In today's meeting we will form Muir PTA's Nomination Committee. Every year a Nomination Committee is formed of (2) Muir PTA Members and Principal Lytz. This Nomination Committee reaches out to our community to create a slate of people interested in filling open Executive Board positions. You can also self nominate for a position you are interested. Muir PTA has crucial positions that need to be filled for the 2022 - 2023 school year. Have something you want to change? Events or representation you want to see on our campus? PTA is an open space for you to create the community for your family. All are welcome. Training is always provided by the 33rd District, from our local PTA council and with other members of PTA.

There is a chance to get involved that fits any schedule or availability for your family. Your family's voice is important, and the Muir community can work together to make sure everyone is heard. You don't have to be a member to attend meetings!

Meeting Link/Enlace de la Reunión:

Meeting ID/ID de Reunión: 837 0901 4864

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