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100 Days of Muir Magic!

Hello Families!

February 1st marks

100 days of Muir Magic!! That's 100 days of learning and growing that our students and teachers have worked hard through. This school year has taken a lot of adjusting. We are so proud and grateful for everyone's work to find all the MAGIC in these 100 days.

To celebrate finding that magic, Muir PTA invites everyone to dress as a magical creature or their favorite character from a favorite book that inspires them!Be sure that the outfit follows school dress code, is appropriate for a school setting, and does not include any masks/hats/accessories that need to be carried through the day. All outfits MUST follow COVID protocols and all masking guidelines must be followed.

You can also find a photo spot and the Muir Eagle dancing up some 100 day cheer in front of the Main Gate!

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