Updated: Sep 23, 2021

A big THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILIES, YOU have raised over $1,000 for Muir PTA already!! We have ONE MORE WEEK to come together as a school and get started at this $10,000 IN DONATION MATCH FOR OUR SCHOOL THROUGH MUIR PTA!!!!!!! If we can reach $5,000 NEXT WEEK as a school Principal Lytz will celebrate by doing a Beanboozled Challenge for the students!

CLICK HERE TO DONATE Double your impact with donations that go directly back to our students, school and classrooms to fund teacher supplemental supplies, programs, future field trips and more! Muir PTA will continue to be on campus after school on Fridays. Purchase Muir PTA Merch, donate in person with cash or check, and say 'Hi!' to our mascot the Muir Eagle! Sharing the Donation Drive with family and friends to donate is a quick way to help with fundraising. Save the photo above to share on Social Media, email or text with the donation link:

We feel so lucky to be a part of the Muir Community, thank you for supporting our school.

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