Konstella  & Netiquette Rules 

Konstella and Zooms are provided by PTA. Your Muir PTA is a non-profit organization and our mission under the umbrella of the California State PTA can be read  here: 

In line with this and to avoid some clear issues, please follow these limits: 

-Conversations About Covid-19 

While there are many things that unify us at Muir, conversations about Covid-19 can be very divisive and unintentionally hurtful to fellow parents and our teachers who are doing their very best to create a great learning experience within the limitations they are required to follow. Here are some common sense Do’s and Don’ts that can illustrate how to keep this platform a place that is healthy, helps us stay connected and avoid unnecessary debate: 

-DON’T Create, participate, or engage in debates about masks and mask wearing  requirements 

-DO Ask fellow parents what mask has worked best for their kids 

-DON’T Create, participate, or engage in debates about in school vs. distance learning – including lamenting about the fact that school has to be done through a screen

-DO Share tips on what has been working for your family and remember that what might work for your child and your family might not work for someone else and vice-versa. 

-DO Talk to your child’s teacher directly about any problems or issues your child is facing  or what your challenges are as a family 

-DO Share positive moments you have experienced to uplift fellow parents and  teachers! 

Remember these are illustrative examples. We are all adults; if we keep in mind there are other  people on the other side of the screen, adults who have been differently impacted by Covid-19 in ways that shape their worldview differently from your own, we can make sensible, thoughtful  decisions about how we converse and interact with one another. 


-Political Conversations 

As a non-profit we may not endorse political candidates and we cannot jeopardize PTA nonprofit  status, so please do not endorse any candidates or political parties on this platform. 

Let’s use this platform for what it was meant for – easy notifications from PTA, Parent Reps and  Parents, and a quick way to connect with one another regarding any questions and comments we  might have about our children’s education.


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to John Muir PTA & Communications at