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smmusd mental health

Click here to view SMMUSD's Mental Health Services page for their full information available. A list of low-fee therapy agencies that work with children and teens can be accessed here: English  | Spanish



Headspace is a meditation app to help learn to manage feelings and thoughts with the lifelong skill of everyday mindfulness, any time of the day. Ranging from categories in basic mindfulness to managing stress, plus tools like articles and sleep radio. Headspace has free options! 



FREE app with guided breathing exercises to help alleviate anxiety, fall asleep, get energized, and more! Breath work is an essential way to check in with your body. Breath work exercises can be done alone or incorporated into meditation. This app is great for the whole family to do alone and together.


Cosmic Kid 


Yoga and stretching are tools for the entire family to use. Cosmic Kids is also available in app form, but has free videos and downloadable tools on the website. Free Cosmic Kids videos can also be searched on YouTube!