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Konstella @ Muir!

Muir PTA is excited to introduce the use of the Parent Community, Konstella App! This is an easy way to connect directly to your class, and to the larger Muir community. Follow the steps to download and register to start today. Check out the quick tips below for basic how-to's.

John Muir Elementary inviation code (1).

Download Konstella App from IOS or Google Play Stores. Also available via web browser.

Tap on 'Register'

Start your account.

Enter Invitation Code

Ask your Teacher or Room Representative for Muir's Code.

Tap on 'Join' in your email

Check your inbox for Konstella invite.

Quick Tips on on Konstella on the Web & Mobile Apps

View Konstella's Privacy Policy here. You have total control over what you share on your Account Setting's in Konstella. You can share only first names of your family, or no names at all. We encourage sharing photos of art work, crafts or fun activity your student loves to connect more outside of just the Zoom classroom. You never have to post any photos of your student to share what they love with their friends!


-Messages Tab: Shows the groups you are in and the messages in the groups.

-Directory Tab: Allows you to look up parents, browse committees (iPhone), and Social Groups.

-Settings Icon at the top left corner: for account settings.

-Join a Room: Place your child in their classroom so that you are kept in the classroom communication loop.

    -Web: Click your name at the top left corner. Click "Your Children" to add/modify your children.

    -Mobile App: Click the Settings icon at the top left corner. Click "Your Children". Join a Committee Web: Click the green

-Send a Message to a Group

    -Web: The left-hand menu shows all the groups you are in. Click on the group, type in the text area to post a message.

    -Mobile App: The "Messages" tab at the bottom shows all of the groups you are in. Click any group and start typing at the   bottom.

-Send a Message to an Individual or a Group:       

   -Web: Click the "+" sign right next to the "Messages" label on the left-hand menu.     
   -Mobile App: On the “Messages” tab, click the "+" at the top right corner. Choose "Send a Private Message".  

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