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Racism and systemic oppression are present in our lives every day. As families, we take our role the rebuilding of current systems seriously. As a distrcict SMMUSD has compiled some resources that families may choose to access in order to support discussions related to racism, systemic oppression and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Don't limit the STEM fun to school—bring the STEM excitement home and get the whole family involved in the fun. National PTA and Bayer have developed a series of hands-on activities families can do together at home!

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special education

Locating services, national organization lists, complete guides and extra advocating insights. The National PTA has pages of Special Education resources to support your family.

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Gender Spectrum

Gender stereotypes persist as a part of our days and development. They create limits for all children, teens and care givers, no matter what their gender is, impacting how we relate to ourselves and others, plus the kinds of opportunities we believe are available.  Understandings of how we can help change those stereotypes are evolving rapidly as we reflect upon the social and historical contexts in which we understand gender. Gender Spectrum is pleased to partner with the National PTA to provide resources for parents who are interested in learning more about gender.


Garden from Home

Connecting to the process of seed to plate can start in our own window sill during distance learning. Local Girl Scout Troop 1515 has created a quick page on how to start an egg carton garden to grow with your student this semester.

We also recommend family reading of the book Our School Garden that explores how the garden is much more than activities outdoors: making school garden stone soup, writing Found Poems and solving garden riddles, getting involved in community projects such as Harvest Day, food bank donations, and spring plant sales. Each season creates a new way to learn, explore and make friends.

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Santa Monica Public Library

Libraries are a place to let learning soar! Reading can take our student's beyond limits and our city's library is an amazing resource.

From events, free programs to story times. Grab your library card, explore the current events, and follow them on social media for event more. 

Visit their website by clicking below.