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Bike it! Walk it!

Bike it! Walk it! week May 17 - 21, 2022

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Bike It Walk It is a community institution with the City of Santa Monica that encourages families to try walking, bicycling, skateboarding and scootering to school to get active and reduce emissions from driving.

The Safe Routes to School program is a partnership between the City of Santa Monica, SMMUSD, Santa Monica Spoke and PTA's to bring Bike It! Walk It! safely to schools. With a goal to reduce traffic congestion near schools and promote health, safety, environmental, and community benefits.

Please join SMMUSD as we bike, bus, scoot, skate, and walk to school on community dates during the year. Volunteer details and sign-up below. View the City of Santa Monica's Safe Routes for Schools page here.

Want to encourage this program year round at Muir? Please email or attend any PTA meeting to get started!

Volunteer time requirements: 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM on campus for Bike It! Walk It! Days.

Volunteer details: A small group of volunteers will be at each gate to get ready to cheer on your community for coming together to reduce emissions and get active! 

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