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Distance Learning is different for every student, and every family. We've gotten some great tips to share from your teachers. We will also be working with Counselor Vargas to share weekly Wellness tips to help our families' mental health and learning management.

Distance learning tips


Refresh your Clever, SeeSaw, Lexia and Google Class Room apps and add them to your child's bookmarks or homepages. For Tech questions email: 



Write down your student's schedule for visual reference during the day. Consider queing up GoNoodle or Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube for break times!


Distance learning in the city can look different than a staged Pinterest post, but it can be just as successful in a small space. Designate an area for your student and work with them to make it their own. Pencil jars, stickers, art of their own.


Working from home? Consider making 'In School' & 'In Work' signs for each of you to post at your work space while engaged in virtual learning/work. This gives a visual cue to everyone in the family that you're 'not available'. By doing it together, you create mutual respect for virtual work that's being done.

Managing your work schedule or district provided space during the day? Communicate with your teacher about your schedule, concerns and how to manage together. Use tips on visual schedules and breaks to empower your student during the day.


Review "netiquette" from your teacher and Principal Lytz. Write down "class rules" as a visual reference just like a physical class. Discuss a 'hand raising' rule for your home area that will help your student ask you for help in a structured way. 


From fidget toys, head phones or simple worry rocks. Ask or watch students to see what part of a Zoom is hard for them to find a way to work up to longer focus.  Explore free Google Chrome Extensions to change font or page set up for better accessibility. 

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