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Welcome to the new Muir Community Group website! This is the home of the former Muir PTA transitioned to connect the Muir Community with SMMUSD, Ocean Park and Santa Monica news as we transition to new sites in the district. 

We will also be creating community meet-ups to support students socially and sharing free learning events in the city. Please follow our social media that we have also transitioned for more news. Thanks for being you and making our community so wonderful!


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Muir Student Future School site Assignments

School site assignments for Muir students are being delivered to families. SMMUSD has committed to working with Muir families to find assignments that assure long term student success. You can submit any questions, concerns or assistance on your student's transition from Muir using the Superintendent 's 'Let's Talk' Portal at found here.
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muir transition news

SMMUSD has provided the following account and list of all communication/events from SMMUSD after the town hall meetings (one community meeting hosted by Muir PTA and SMASH PTSA) in the process of the Muir Transition of students in the closure of the Muir school site.

  1.  The week of June 6, a letter was sent to all Muir families asking them to fill out an interdistrict or intradistrict request to attend an SMMUSD school other than Will Rogers.  Linkedis the letter describing the process. 

  2. The week of June 13, the Principals of Will Rogers, Grant, McKinley, Roosevelt, and Franklin hosted site visits for families interested in seeing what those schools have to offer.

  3. The week of June 20, this linked letter was sent explaining that we had 32 Muir neighborhood students who requested to attend other schools, and that those requests would be granted, based on grade level space. The letter also explained that we needed to place an additional 30 students outside of Will Rogers and that I directed staff to contact the 30 families attending Muir on an interdistrict permit and inform them where their child(ren) would be placed in the district, based on grade level space. We had hoped that this decision to relocate students on interdistrict permit at a different school would not be necessary, but it became necessary to meet the 60 student amount. 

  4. Starting the week of July 11, Muir staff will begin the move to their new locations.  The plan is to have the moves completed before the week of August 8.

  5. During the week of August 8, the relocated Muir staff will have an opportunity to unpack their supplies and settle into their new spaces.

View more SMMUSD + Santa Monica news/events on our blog here.

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get to know pta at each smmusd school

Santa Monica Education Foundation continues to fund our wonderful instructional aids + P.s. Arts, Music and science. 

The Santa Monica-Malibu Council of PTAs is an association made of up the PTA units in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District in Southern California. The Council officers work to support individual PTAs in their volunteer and advocacy work at each school site, and across the district, while serving as a liaison between school PTAs and SMMUSD, the cities of Malibu and Santa Monica, and other community and educational organizations. SMMPTA is part of the Thirty-Third District PTA and the California State PTA, and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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